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If you are a non-profit organization that directly or indirectly supports the technical community, HATS provides resources and events that benefit you:
  • • Access to shared events calendar
  • • Notification and distribution of member organizations’ events, conferences, and seminars
  • • Quick accessibility to other member organization’s missions, goals, and websites
  • • Marketing and communication support through website, event calendar, quarterly newsletter, blog, social media, and other correspondence
  • • Access to key member directory
  • • Access to relevant grant opportunity spreadsheet
  • • Free Quarterly Social for member board members to connect and interact with each other over mutually beneficial topics and activities
  • • Annual HATS Professional of the Year (POY) Awards Dinner for the public recognition of your organization Professionals; includes the Annual Moquin Award presented to one of the POY Awardees, the Young Professional of the Year, and the Society of the Year award
  • • Opportunities to link with other organizations for collaboration
  • • Education, professional development, and networking opportunities

There is no Membership Fee at this time

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